Steamed chicken mushrooms:

1. Cut the thicker finishes of the mushrooms into scaled down pieces

2. Place in the highest point of a vegetable liner

3. Fill the lower part of psilocybin the liner with water and heat to the point of boiling

4. Put the highest point of the liner onto the base once the water is bubbling

5. Cover and steam over medium intensity for 20 minutes or until delicate

6. To freeze, cool and put into Ziploc sack

Sautéed chicken mushrooms:

1. Cut the most slender pieces of the mushrooms into scaled down pieces

2. Cover with olive oil

3. Set container over low intensity, then, at that point, add covered chicken mushrooms

4. Cook until delicate

Heated chicken mushrooms:

1. Cut grows into reduced down pieces

2. Marinade in olive oil, lemon or lime juice, minced garlic and flavors *

3. Heat broiler to 350-degrees

4. Place combination in baking skillet and heat for 30-45 minutes or until juices are retained

My own inclination is to sauté the delicious slight finishes of this mushroom and steam or heat the thick, plump part. In the wake of freezing and defrosting, I decided to purée the steamed and heated mushrooms, press the juices out and compost the mash. The juices are wonderful as mushroom soup or for cooking rice. Yet, many individuals set up the thicker pieces of the mushroom as a substitute for recipes that call for chicken.

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